Consult a skill is a small dynamic company with a passion to deliver results. Bottom line is ,you want to have a partner that understands your needs , that is able to take the time to listen and to provide you  with a custom fit solution. Our values of doing business are based on the 50 years combined experience we have gathered across multiple industry  sectors and our team  brings together proven methods with fast solutions that ensure your money spent is rewarded 

with the best ROI.

 What sets us apart is our authenticity, You might not like our honesty ,however we will always offer you a truthful opinion and deliver to you a service of excellence. 

A piece of history
We are 3 founding members  who have all obtained academic qualifications in our respected fields of expertise coupled together with  years and ground breaking .
Sam    -          CA(SA registered)  He is a driven man with the eye on the future, a photographic knowledge of the tax acts                            and  pushes for perfection in all his work.
Laurena  -      BA(Hon) HR Generalist (1st  woman to go underground in SA- Gold sector, wrote Abet material for Gencor )                          She has a passion for people  and  policies and fairness and this together with her vast knowledge of HR                              ensures mastery at work.
Holger -         SCM,  iDNA Personality Profiler &  Master trainer, Motivational speaker-He is a passionate person                                           who knows and  understands personality types and with this, he is able to delivery best results                                               for people and businesses.